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Beer & Cider Festival

This Years Beer Festival will be on 26th, 27th and 28th August (Bank Hoilday Weekend) we are planning a spectacular weekend.

Real Ales both Local & National Beers plus Ciders including the famout Black Rat (7.4%abv)


Live Music

Live Music

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Beers and Ciders

Woodforde's Wherry 3.8%

Light but full of flavour and with a delicious citrus aftertaste. Great with Norfolk Ham and Turkey or on its own. Maybe with our Pulled Turkey Burger or the ever popular Ham Egg & Chips.

Bath Prophecy 3.8%

With a fruity yet pine-like aroma, a crisp light colour and a keen bitter finish, Prophecy will fulfil all of your expectations.

Prophecy is a dry, bitter yet complex pale ale that will challenge the taste buds. It’s brewed using Columbus and Chinook hops to provide contrasting fruit and pine flavours and aromas. Prophecy contains wheat and barley malt.